About us

Surrey Music Hub is a network of music organisations and schools working together to bring more musical opportunities to more young people in Surrey, both in schools and in the wider community.

We’re led by Surrey Arts, the county council’s arts service, which includes the schools music service. Together, we’re making sure that children and young people receive music education that is high quality, wide ranging, sustainable and accessible to all, with clear routes for learning and options for musical progression.

Surrey Music Hub Vision & Mission

Music Hubs have been created across the UK as part of the government’s National Plan for Music Education.

It means that we’re now required to work in partnership with other music organisations and musicians, to reach more children and young people, and make sure that we are all truly meeting their needs.

Currently, the main partners in the Hub are Surrey Arts, the county council’s music and arts service; Schools; Arts Partnership Surrey (the partnership of district, borough and county councils) and the Yehudi Menuhin School. As always, we’ll be working with many others, according to what’s needed.

So what’s new, and what will change?

We’re going to be working even more closely with schools, and we’ll be setting up a Youth Council, and Parent/Carer Council, which will help us to really understand what’s needed, and how we’re doing.

Other developments include a virtual learning environment, a map of music opportunities, programmes to support social/health/wellbeing, tailored programmes for children with particular needs and those who work with them.

Surrey Arts – Music will still be offering its core services, but being part of a Hub will mean that we can offer stronger, better services over time, and often in partnership. So to give just a few examples:

  • over time we expect to broaden the range of instruments/types of music-making in our whole-class tuition in schools and our out of school groups and ensembles
  • schools will get help and support in making singing an important aspect of school life, with CPD for teachers, singing festival sand much more. In time we expect to extend this to other areas such as beatboxing, rapping and MCing. We have introduced a Vocal Strategy that provides a framework and direction for our vocal work over the next two years.
  • Our partners will be developing specific areas of work including work with Surrey Police and Community Safety Teams, Community Choirs, and GCSE music students, see our Who’s involved in the Surrey Music Hub? page.

Governance & Leadership Structure

About Surrey Music Hub’s Governance and Leadership

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