IDEA Strategy: Reach and Engagement

Statement of intent

We aim to use the best information available, to foster good relations with, and within, our communities, and to work with communities to address their needs and maximise local participation. We will create and promote opportunities that are bespoke to different geographical contexts in Surrey and will seek to work in partnership with organisations that represent different communities and demographic groups in Surrey.
We recognise that some groups face barriers to participation in arts and music education and we will take steps to help overcome these barriers. In addition to those groups identified in law as having protected characteristics, for example, because of their gender, ethnicity, or because of an additional need or disability we also recognise that socio-economic background can be a barrier to participation, for both cultural and economic reasons.
Where the barrier is cost, we are committed to providing and promoting financial support and affordable options to ensure all young people are aware of the support available and can access provision. 

Inclusion Programme 

We have planned to deliver a range of inclusive music programmes that are developed for and with some of our most vulnerable communities, as informed by our IDEA and Inclusion strategy. 

These include a wide range of 1:2:1, small group and integrated ensemble opportunities for C&YP who are identified as being: 

  • Displaced (refugees and asylum seekers) 
  • On the edge of care 
  • In (or at risk of entering) the Youth Justice System 
  • Homeless 
  • Neuro divergent 
  • Physically Disabled 

Dedicated funding for inclusion programmes 

We ring-fence a dedicated budget for our inclusion programmes to ensure sufficient investment is made to support the delivery of this important area. We recently recruited an Inclusion Projects Co-Ordinator to support our Inclusion Manager. This new post will allow us to expand our programmes during 2023-2024 and beyond 

The Inclusion funding allocation during 2023 is predicted to generate a further 500% of additional funding from external partners demonstrating excellent value for money and exemplary partnership building. During 2023-24 we will further roll out our inclusion programmes targeting displaced young people using Youth Music Catalyser funding. 

Free offer for Children in Care 

We will continue our commitment to offer free music lessons and free instrument loan for Children in Care and work with partners to promote this offer and to provide activities at events for this group. In September we are planning to launch our first, (care experienced led) Choir for Children in Care which we aim to develop in the coming year. 

SEND programmes 

Our support for Special Schools in Surrey continues to expand. We will provide individual/small group/whole class lessons as well Music Curriculum advice, an SEN Schools Network and guidance and specific training such as Music and Autism and Music and Makaton. 

Our award-winning orchestra, The Orchestra of Unlimited Potential for children with special educational needs and disabilities continues to grow. We also plan to expand our choir for children who attend special schools. 

We are planning a strategic review of our ensembles during Autumn 2023 to look at how these groups can better interact with each other and our mainstream ensembles, foster deeper integration, offer better value for money and a more coherent offer to partners and stakeholders. 

Adapted instruments 

Surrey Music Hub has a long history of utilising adapted instruments in our practice. We utilise Clarion (developed by Open Up Orchestras) as well as iPads, tigger pads, Soundbeam and we adapt traditional instruments as needed. 

We have a strategic partnership with One Handed Music Instruments (OHMI) who are providing adapted instruments and training across Surrey as well as advice and guidance at our events and conferences. We are looking forward to strengthening this partnership in the year ahead and beyond. The keynote presentation at our Learning Week conference for all staff will be delivered by OHMI.