Guitar Frets Rock

Available in week 1 only, Guitar Frets Rock is a 3 day workshop for young guitarists of all abilities. Come and be part of the band.

‘You’ve been called into the studio…..learn your part……rehearse…..record….share!

Tutors James Harrison and Trevor Walker will run through the parts for the piece over the three sessions and then it is down to the student to rehearse and record themselves playing along to the backing track provided. Students will then submit their best performance. (Audio only) 

Once we have edited all our performers onto the final recording we will share the finished product with you so you can share with family and friends or even on social media! 

This will be a creative group session in which your child will learn the parts to a famous Rock & Pop hit. Once they have learnt the parts they will record themselves (audio only) playing along to a backing track and submit it for editing. The key focus areas are outlined below:

Week 1: 3 – 7 August

Monday 3 August: Session 1 – Intro/Verse (Bass or melodic part/ chordal part)

This session will be an introduction to the Zoom group, Trevor and James will introduce everyone to the track and work through the intro and verse parts.                                 

Wednesday 5 August: Session 2 – Chorus/bridge

This session will focus on the Chorus chords and discuss key elements of composition.

Friday 7 August: Session 3 – Recap/ Overview

This session we will go over all the parts and techniques covered and look at more creative dynamics. We will discuss the recording process and listen to progress made so far. (Backing track will be provided)

Outside of the scheduled tuition students should use the week to practice and rehearse the parts. Once the course has finished the student will work towards recording the parts along to the backing track provided and submit their recording before the deadline. Once we have edited together the band we will share the results!

  • Monday 3, Wednesday 5 & Friday 7 August
  • 10.00 – 11.15
  • Level or age: all abilities (age 8+)
  • Session delivered LIVE or RECORDED: LIVE
  • Own instrument required: Yes
  • Cost: £40
  • Registration required: Yes
  • Maximum numbers: 12

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