The piano may be the best known musical instrument. It also has the broadest range of any instrument, therefore music for all other instruments can be composed on it. It can be played solo, but most other instruments, including the voice, use the piano for accompaniment.

What is the difference between learning the piano and having keyboard lessons?

In keyboard lessons you will learn how to use the various features and functions of the instrument, such as the rhythm, accompaniment and voice sections, as well as learning to read notation.

Keyboard students mostly read treble clef notation and chord symbols to start with, whilst piano students learn both treble and bass clef notation.

What age is best to start?

Year 3 is a good age for most to start, although we do take students in Year 2, and, in some cases, Year 1 also. Starting really young doesn’t always guarantee getting ahead of the game. The most important thing is to practise regularly in between lessons — ideally every day.


Surrey Arts teach lessons all over the county including Camberley, Oxted, Reigate, Banstead, Woking, Staines and Guildford.

Surrey Arts Piano Lab

Surrey Arts have invested in a piano lab at Woking Youth Arts Centre. The piano enables up to 8 pupils to learn at one time each on a Casio GP-400. The Casio GP-400 is well regarded in the music industry due to its likeness to a big rustic grand piano. The piano lab is used for junior and adult lessons as well as piano workshops.