UP! Orchestra and Infinity Orchestra – No Sound Ever Dies

Supported by Arts Council England, Surrey County Council, Waverly Borough Council, Guildford Borough Council and Mole Valley District Council

Delivered by Surrey Arts in partnership with Rhythmix, Surrey Children’s Rights Service and Surrey Youth Support Service

In a nutshell, what it’s all about!?

  • Making new music in a supportive, safe and creative environment
  • Learning to play a new instrument, sing or build on existing skills
  • Making new friends
  • Having lots of fun
  • Performing at high profile events
  • Making the world a slightly better place!

To register a place please download fill in the online application form here or contact: eunhyoung.howell@surreycc.gov.uk

in more detail….

What is the Orchestra and who is it for? UP! Orchestra is an ensemble designed to be accessible for young people aged 13+ with special educational needs whilst Infinity Orchestra is for young people of all backgrounds and abilities and we have come together to be part of the ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ project.  We are particularly interested in welcoming young people who have been unable to access music education because of their life circumstances and lack of suitable opportunities on offer locally. Whilst there are no specific entry requirements and no audition process we do not think it is suitable for young people who are unaware of their surroundings or unable to engage with the music making process.
Please do contact us to discuss this if you are unsure.

What happens at the sessions?
10am – 10.50am
UP! Music Centre provides an opportunity for participants to book 25minute, one to one/small group lessons. Instruments on offer include electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion, brass instruments, western classical stringed instruments, Arabic Oud and Arabic Darbouka. Places will be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
To book your child’s place please contact: eunhyoung.howell@surreycc.gov.uk / 01483 519287

11am – 1pm
UP! Orchestra is led by an awesome team of professional musicians whose aim is to ensure each participant has a meaningful musical experience regardless of ability, musical interest, vocal style or instrument. The team is experienced in supporting young people in mainstream settings as well as those who have mental health, disability, behavioural, ESL (English as a second language) needs and young people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Music made at the rehearsals is created by the participants under the guidance of a musical director and the music support team on the ground.

What is the ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ project? UP! Orchestra’s next big performance will be at Brooklands Museum on Saturday 14th July 2018. Brooklands in Sound will include a programme of performances from a variety of Surrey ensembles culminating in the newly commissioned 30 minute long performance ‘No Sound Ever Dies’. This piece will comprise of 800-1000 singers and instrumentalists drawn from community and county council groups across Surrey.

The Piece: No Sound Ever Dies is inspired by the spirit of adventure and innovation which characterised important motor racing developments at Brooklands in the 20th century. The piece celebrates two drivers, Percy Lambert (1881-1913) and Kay Petre (1903-1994), who were stars of their day. The work will be performed in front of the Stratospheric Chamber, a distinctive and visually exciting space at the heart of Brooklands.

Who’s involved?
Surrey County Youth Orchestra
Surrey County Youth Wind Orchestra
Up! and Infinity Orchestra
Just So and High Note Choirs
Surrey Youth Training Choir
Surrey County Youth Choir
Community Choirs from Surrey
Primary School Choirs from Surrey Schools

Meet the team:

9601723-15208892Name: Sara Khoroosi
Role: Musical Director
Experience: Sara is a Violinist Dancer and Alexander Technique Teacher specialising in working with Performers of any ability, facilitating the ease freedom and joy that can be experienced through the Performing Arts at any level. She has experience of working with unaccompanied asylum seekers and playing & touring with Manouchska & Dunia Flamenco; Danced/Choreographed with Mambo Central; and taught Alexander Technique at the Actors Centre and London Music & Dance Conservatoires.
Instruments: Violin, vocals, keys, percussion
Additional skills: Farsi and Spanish speaker. Iran flag Spanish flag

9601723-13026017Name: Jim Pinchen (Surrey Arts)
 Role: Project Manager/support music tutor
 Experience: Jim is a composer, facilitator, speaker and project manager with a proven track record of delivering local, national and international programmes for children and young people. He is the Inclusion Manager at Surrey Arts/Surrey Music Education Hub.
 Instruments: Guitar, bass, piano, music production and inclusive music technologies (also very basic cello and trumpet!)
 Guilty musical pleasure: First song bought, Survivor – Eye of the Tiger and I still like it!
Additional skills: English and Spanish speaker  Union flag  Spanish flag

9601723-13134774Name: Ben Joseph
Role: Music Tutor
Experience:  Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and music instructor. He has been performing and collaborating for over a decade with various musical artists throughout the United States, Switzerland, France and now the UK. Previously, he has worked with music programs for at risk youth like the Alabama Blues Project. He is looking forward to helping out with the UP! Orchestra and Infinity Orchestra.
Instruments: Guitar, harmonica, vocals, and bass.
Additional skills: Sound mixing, music production, public speaking, sports, and cooking.
Guilty musical pleasure: Any pop music that is overplayed and/or slightly outdated!

9601723-13112223Name: Joe Browne (Rhythmix)
Role: Music Tutor
Experience: Joe is a musician, composer and Music Leader. As a saxophonist he is busy on the London jazz, pop and world music scenes. As a Music  Leader, he has led projects for The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, The Orchestra of the Age of  Enlightenment and The Wigmore Hall.
Instruments: Saxophone, violin, occasional clarinet and keyboards
 Guilty Musical Pleasure: Getting weepy at 80s power ballads
Additional skills: Rugby scrum-half, cricket, drawing gorillas!

9601723-13134508Name: Charlotte White (Rhythmix)
 Role: Music Tutor
Experience: Charlotte is a trombonist specialising in reggae who has worked with some of the biggest names in the genre, having played a wide range of gigs all over Europe.  She went on tour with Stomp last year to France and Moscow in their Lost & Found Orchestra.  She has over a decade’s experience in leading workshops, more recently with an emphasis on SEN/D.  She also has experience as a project manager.
Instruments: Trombone, piano /keys, music production and basic drum kit skills
Additional skills: er – tennis (pretty rusty though)
Guilty musical pleasure: TLC – No Scrubs

9601723-13221961Name: Craig Warnock
 Role: Music Tutor
 Experience: Craig has been leading group workshops and individual sessions with a variety of young people for several years, teaching multi-instrumental skills, composition and songwriting, recording and production techniques. He has worked extensively with young people who are living in challenging circumstances and with a range of learning and physical disabilities needs. Craig has been a professional multi-instrumental musician for twenty years involved in recording /touring with many great acts.
 Instruments: Keys, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Flute, Inclusive Music Tech esp iPad music apps.
 Additional skills: er … – it’s mainly music really! (oh but I do speak French!) Union flag  FRECH_FLAG.gif
Guilty musical pleasure: Sky!


9601723-13134821Name: Balam Mhrtab (Surrey Arts)
 Role: Trainee Music Tutor
 Experience: Balam has worked on a number of music projects for Surrey Children’s Rights Service, largely supporting unaccompanied asylum seekers and looked after children to participate in arts activities. He has a love of music and tons of natural ability which he is keen to build upon!
 Instruments: To be decided!
 Guilty Musical Pleasure: TBC!
 Additional skills: English and Tigrinya speaker  UK flag  Eritrea flag

9601723-13134698Name: Danny Page (Rhythmix)
 Role: Music Tutor
 Experience: Danny is a prolific touring musician specialising in Vocals, Guitar, songwriting, bass and production. He has released 8 albums under his various bands as well as started his own independent record label “Hibernacula Records”. Danny has worked in group music settings since working for Disability Challengers for 5 years, SEND groups, mental health groups and homeless charities.
 Guilty Musical Pleasure: TBC!
 Additional skills: TBC!

9601723-13112813Name: Ben Bastin (Surrey Arts)
 Role: Music Tutor
 Experience: Ben is a musician teacher and producer. He has a broad CV including MD for major label artists, jazz musician, SEN music teacher and  producer from the recording studio he ran in North London for 8 years.
 Instruments: Double Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Cello, Drums, Piano Badly!
 Additional skills: Instrument making and repair.
 Guilty musical pleasure: I don’t feel guilty about it, but The music from War of The World’s.

9601723-13119017Name: Sophia Hamilton (Surrey Arts)
Role: Trainee Music Tutor
Experience: Sophia is a vocalist and an apprentice with Surrey’s Children’s Rights Service and her work focuses on supporting children and young people who are in care or leaving care. She has worked on many arts projects and has performed at the Royal Albert and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as well as recently recording an album for BBC Bitesize.
Instruments: vocals
Guilty Musical Pleasure: Sean Kingston, Beautiful Girls! it’s still my favourite song!
Additional skills: I’m also a trained actress and I do a pretty convincing Scouse accent!

9601723-13110713Name: Eun-Hyoung Howell (Surrey Arts)
Role: Project assistant
Experience: Eun-Hyoung is one of many UP! /Infinity Orchestra ‘un-sung heroes’ and without her the recent successes at The Royal Albert Hall and The Olympic Park would never have happened! She works hard ensuring all logistics are in place and everything runs to schedule!
Instruments: Piano
Guilty musical pleasure: A secret drum n bass fan!
Additional skills: English and Korean speaker  Union flag  South Korea flag


9601723-15264872Name: Alba Cabral
Role: Brazilian musician/composer/music educator
About: Alba Cabral is an award-winning Brazilian musician currently based in London where she performs, composes and collaborates with musicians and artists from around the world. Alba’s musical works are very much based on Afro-Brazilian music, Folk Brazilian Music & Dances, Body Music, Singing and lately she has been developing work with strings (guitar and ukulele) and thumb-piano, Kalimba. Alba is very passionate about her work as a performer and as a music educator, leading various music workshops for different group ages, from Early Years to elderly people, either on her own or in partnership with companies such as Live Music Now and Stretto Music.
Instruments: TBC
Additional skills: English and native Portuguese speaker brazil_flag.jpg


9601723-15265042Name: Muntu Valdo
Role: Cameroonian musician/composer
About: was born in Cameroon and belong to the Sawa community who populate the length of Cameroon’s coastline. My passion is African history; it’s past glory, present fragility and diverse riches. My ambition is to increase awareness, enlighten, empower people and invoke a positive future for Africa with the rest of the world. My music is a result of all of that, rooted in the blues, mixing African traditions with striking modernity and technical mastery. That said, it’s an honour and a pleasure to entertain you.
Instruments: TBC
Additional skills: TBC

9601723-13293170Name: KMT Freedom Teacher
Role: Music Tutor / Music Curator / Edutainer
Experience: KMT is an exemplar for social change. DJ/M.C and Trainer (Workshops, Project Manager and Lecturer), since 1999 he has used the arts, in particular Hip-Hop, for social awareness and cohesion http://www.3kmt.co.uk. KMT entertains and educates, guides people with infectious energy, knowledge and skills to change and empower their lives. He is also the co-founder of May Project Gardens; a community based food-growing project set within the grounds of his home. The grassroots project illustrates his passion for pro-active social change and love for the environment http://www.mayproject.org
Instruments: Voice, DJ, Body, Mind
Additional skills: I pride myself on being to identify people’s skills and talents and developing to their full potential.

9601723-13524222Name: Carl Woodcroft (Surrey Arts)
Role: Brass teacher/guest tutor
Carl is a brass teacher for Surrey Arts and has taught and coached young musicians in Surrey since 2006. As a tuba player Carl has recorded with orchestras for BBC radio and TV and can be heard on the newChannel 4 ident soundtracks composed by Mica Levi. He has played at the BBC Proms, Glastonbury Festival and has worked with ensembles including the London Philharmonic, Old Dirty Brasstards, Video Games Live and Army of Generals. Carl has also performed on TFI friday and appears briefly in the Vienna opera scenes in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.
Guilty musical pleasure: 80s new wave and also, Cliff Richard – Saviour’s Day.
Instruments: Tuba, piano
Additional skills: I know many pointless facts

UP! perform in CollabRio! at the Olympic Park, London

Watch UP! perform a specially adapted version of Carnival! in collaboration with the Paraiso School of
Samba and Rhythmic Collision Dance Company, London September 3, 2016

UP! at DAiSYfest 2016 (G-Live, Guildford)

Peek behind the scenes of the UP! Orchestra’s first performance of Carnival! at DAiSYfest, June 9 2016

ISME Latest…

The excitement is mounting and plans are well under way for UP!’s guest performance at the 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) in Glasgow, this July. UP! will be performing on Wednesday 27 July from 12–12.30 pm in the Stevenson Hall at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland………


An UP!Beat Occasion

Representatives of UP! and Surrey Music Hub attended the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence on 25 February, in a fabulous black-tie gala dinner and ceremony at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel, Knightsbridge. UP! were one of the nominees for the Best Musical Initiative, and although we didn’t win (this time) it was a very rewarding (if not awarding) occasion.

The Music Teacher Awards have been described as the Oscars of music education, and Jim Pinchen certainly got into that spirit by trying to recreate the famous Bradley Cooper we-fie from 2014!


THe UP! We-fie from Left to Right: Jim Pinchen, Mary Crawley, Philip Trumble, Laura Callaghan Grooms and Charlotte White.

NEWSFLASH – UP! Orchestra invited to play at ISME 2016

Happy New Year from the Orchestra of Unlimited Potential, and some fantastic news – UP! have been invited to perform at the 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) in Glasgow, this July.

There were around 100 submissions to perform at the event, so UP!’s inclusion is a testament to the amazing achievements of our talented young members, and the inspiration and encouragement of all the group’s tutors and leaders.

Watch this space for more details..


UP! Nominated for Major Education Award


The UP! Orchestra have been short-listed for the Best Musical Initiative Award at the 2016 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence! Congratulations and thanks to all the educators, musicians, students and support staff associated with UP! in our first amazing year.

The award ceremony takes place on 25 February, 2016 in London. Click here to view the nominations in all categories…

Taster Sessions and Rehearsal Programme

Following a ground-breaking performance at the Royal Albert Hall and an international music exchange performance, the UP! Orchestra is back. Surrey’s first county orchestra for young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

New rehearsal dates for 2017

Check out what’s up with UP! Watch our videos…

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