Apps and Software


ABRSM Apps and Practice Tools – A range of apps and tools covering sight reading, aural, theory and practice partners for voice, violin, cello, woodwind and piano

Sibelius First – A free starter version of the composition software which allows you to compose simple scores with up to 4 instrument parts.

Mixxx DJ software – An open source free DJ software to get you started with the basics of learning how to beat match, build a DJ set and a music library.

Soundtrap – A free one-month version of Soundtrap which empowers people to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels.

Theory Rocks – Fundamentals of music theory taught via contemporary music. 

The Curious Piano Teacher Offering one month’s free membership at this time. A useful resource for piano teachers  Enjoy a minute of listening for free during the COVID-19 outbreak

Free Production Software  Moog and Korg have made their synth apps free to keep you occupied.


Classification App name Price What does it do? At home or during online lessons?

Apps for home use

XBEATS – free

A free Sudoku style musical puzzle game


A free aural trainer for interval recognition and melodic and rhythm dictation

Blob Chorus – free

Chorus of Blob characters (editable between 3 and 20) each sing a note, then King Blob sings a note. Identify which Blob sang the same note. Harder than it sounds as sometimes the notes can be the same pitch with just slight differences in tuning

Skills Ear Master – free

Ear training, sight singing and all round musicianship

Musiclock – £8.99

Backing tracks in all keys. Good for scale practice and improvising

Garage Band – free

Pupils can compose backing tracks, and record themselves playing own compositions

Metronome Metronome – free

Metronome app

ScoreSkills – free

ScoreSkills a note identification app that teaches transcription as a core part of learning.

Flashnote Derby – £4.99

Very versatile note reading app. Fully customisable in clef, choice of note, and choice of input (Letter names, Keyboard on screen or audio answers).  Can even cope with transposing instruments

Piano Notes Pro – £2.99

Free note recognition app, good for older learners. Available in the App Store and Google Play

Piano Maestro by Joy Tunes – free

Free music, exercises, backing tracks & method books

Rhythm Swing – £3.99

Fun game. Children tap in rhythms of ascending difficulty in time to a backing track to help stop the monkey beat the alligator

ScaleTracks – £9.99

Backing tracks to scales. 1 or 2 octaves only in all keys

Piano and Strings SmartScales – £4.99 all grades £1.99 per grade

Backing tracks to ABRSM scales for all grades – currently only piano and Strings

Tuniversal – £1.99

Tuning app – particularly good for Wind and Brass instruments. Features Tuner, Metronome, Scale practise mode and Long note practise and analysis

Rhythm Cat – £4.99

Rhythm shown on screen and pupils tap the screen to play the given rhythm in time to a backing track. Rhythms start with very easy crotchet and quaver rhythms, and move on to semi-quaver and dotted rhythms

Read Ahead – (demo levels are free)

Piano sight reading app

Lesson Apps

Music storage ForScore – £14.99

Sheet music reader. Can annotate scores. Optimised for iphone to only show one stave and scroll – Lessons

Decide Now! – £1.99

Wheel of fortune with customisable outcomes. Use for fun practise challenges at the end of a lesson, or as a way to make scales more interesting – play your scale in the style of an animal with young children (Hedgehog, Elephant etc) moods for older children (Timidly, Luxuriously etc) or Italian terms

LSO Play App  LSO Play is a free interactive and immersive web app, allowing you to experience the LSO on stage at the Barbican – anytime, anywhere.