Percussion Videos


Introduction to the Glockenspiel  Surrey Arts percussion teacher Ben Hartley introduces the Glockenspiel, explaining the difference between it and similar tuned percussion instruments.

Introduction to the Vibraphone  Surrey Arts percussion teacher Peter Rayner gives an introduction to the Vibraphone, playing some bits of music which you might recognise.

Introduction to the Xylophone  Surrey Arts Percussion Teacher Kizzy Brooks introduces the Xylophone. Get ready for some fast and flamboyant playing on this fun and versatile instrument! Can you do a glissando?

Introduction to the Marimba  Surrey Arts percussion teacher Peter Rayner gives an introduction to the Marimba, the larger cousin of the xylophone.

Introduction to the Timpani  Surrey Arts Percussion Teacher Kizzy Brooks introduces the Timpani — the rolling thunder of the orchestral percussion section!

Introduction to the Snare Drum  Surrey Arts percussion teacher Keith Wickham introduces one of the most well-known percussion instruments, the Snare Drum! But did you know how many different ways it can be played?

Creating Different Sounds on the Snare Drum  Surrey Arts percussion tutor Marc Hermans demonstrates some of the many different ways the snare drum can be played to create different sounds, and shows some basic rolls and exercises that you can try. Have a go!

Introduction to the Electronic Drum Kit  Surrey Arts percussion tutor Ben Hartley gives a quick introduction to the electronic drum kit!

History of the Vibraphone   Surrey Arts percussion tutor Peter Rayner gives a brief history of the Vibraphone, including some of the fantastic musicians and composers who highlighted the Vibraphone in their music.

History of the Marimba   Surrey Arts percussion tutor Peter Rayner gives a brief history of the Marimba, including its origins as a traditional percussion instrument in regions of Africa dating back hundreds of years. It is now beloved by percussionists all over the world!

Drum Stick Grip for Beginners  Surrey Arts percussion tutor Ben Hartley gives a brief introduction and demonstration for both the “matched” and “traditional” grip for drumsticks, explaining the history and application of each type of stick grip.

20 drum beats  This video can be used by beginners to intermediate pupils. Click here for helpful notes on the individual exercises:  20 Drum Beats, Exercise NotesDownload

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  A video showing beginners how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the glockenspiel (commercial YouTube site with adverts).


Cajón para tí by John Overton, Part 1 of 3  Surrey Arts percussion teacher John Overton has made these fantastic films on how to play the Cajón para tí.  

Mike Barnes Drums   This is a good link to developing basic kit fills. 

Tuned Percussion Scales   Surrey Arts percussion tutor Jason Reay with a helpful tutorial covering an approach to learning tuned percussion scales in different keys. Starting with the easy C major example you’ll observe a ‘repeated stroke’ approach that helps reinforce the flow from note-to-note. Works in all keys! Playing repeated strokes gives you some ‘thinking time’ between notes, in the same way playing ‘long tones’ helps brass and woodwind players. A friend, adult or teacher will be able to assist you with this approach if needed.

Tuned Percussion Arpeggios  Surrey Arts percussion tutor Jason Reay gives some tips on how to play and practice arpeggios on tuned percussion instruments using a “repeated stroke” approach which helps to reinforce the flow from note-to-note. For intermediate learners with some knowledge of scales and keys.

Singing with Tuned Percussion  Surrey Arts percussion tutor Jason Reay on the benefits of incorporating singing while learning to play tuned percussion. Vocalisation helps reinforce awareness around timing, note reading, sub-dividing the beat, some pitch awareness and overall musical multi-tasking.  Suitable for young players with some knowledge of keys and note values.

Alternative Sticking for Percussion   Surrey Arts percussion tutor Jason Reay demonstrates a few different stickings you might like to try on tuned percussion.

Practice Piece: It’s One of FOUR Things Surrey Arts percussion tutor Jason Reay has written a short piece to help tuned percussion players with their staff knowledge. The piece focuses on four things: patterns of F-A-C-E notes; patterns of E-G-B-D-F notes; neighbouring notes (moving by alphabetic step); octave leaps.

Craig Blundell | Basic rudiment ideas

Vic Firth Orchestral Percussion Videos A YouTube channel with good quality videos and demonstrations. The series ‘Percussion 101’ shows demonstrations of playing techniques on different orchestral percussion instruments.


Marimba Techniques by Theodor Miklov For the advanced player.

Inspiration and Information

Percussive Arts Society The world’s largest percussion organization and central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers of all ages. The PAS website contains resources and education aids including the 40 Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments: traditional, drum corps, orchestral, European, and contemporary drum rudiments.

Drumline!  Video footage of Surrey Arts Drumline Ensemble.

First Time Drummers  Percussion company Sweetwater has put together this video of first time drummers (and some more experienced drummers) having a go at playing the drums. Get inspired!

Philharmonia demonstration video: Timpani

Philharmonia demonstration video: Orchestral Percussion