Brass Tutors

Howard Beagley – Trombone

Howard was awarded a Junior Exhibitioner award to attend the Royal College of Music Junior department from 1988-1994. He studied with Ian White, winning 4 soloist awards as well as being Principal Trombone of the Surrey Youth Orchestra and performing with the National Youth Orchestra.  From 1994-1998 Howard studied at the Royal College of Music with trombone professor Arthur Wilson. During this time he gave several solo performances and was awarded the Senior Brass Prize. Since leaving the RCM Howard has performed with a variety of ensembles from London orchestras to jazz bands in Brighton. He has given solo concerto performances in the UK and across Europe.  Howard started working for Surrey Arts in  2000 and enjoys a varying portfolio of work from individual brass lessons to conducting ensembles.

Q – What got you interested in playing the Trombone?

A – When I was seven, a group came into my school (Whyteleafe School in Surrey) and played their brass instruments. I was amazed. Then one of them got up and played his trombone. Well, the sound was just amazing. What a fab noise and then he did loads of slides and I was hooked.

My older sister, who was at secondary school, told her music teacher and a trombone was found, lent to me and I started lessons. I haven’t looked back.

Q – What do you like about teaching?

A – Every student is different. Their expectations, their tastes, their energy. Finding the things that make them enjoy music, enable them to express themselves, that’s the buzz. Encouraging them to achieve and advance no matter how small the goal. Helping students cope and understand constructive criticism is very important. No one plays music perfectly every time no matter how hard we try. Learning to live, cope, and make better these imperfections is a huge life skill that will transfer to other aspects in life and school.

Q – Do you have any other interests?

I love cooking! If I am not gigging at the weekend making a Sunday roast or inviting family and friends over to share some food (while listening to some good music) just fills me with joy.

Q – Do you have a favourite piece of music?

A – This can change on the day, my mood and my energy level. Sometimes it is Opera. Puccini usually — Tosca, Turandot or Verdi’s Rigoletto. Sometimes I just want the simplicity of the piano, Chopin’s Nocturne in C Sharp Minor (especially played by Ashkenazy), or the comic and probably the best: J.A. Greenwood’s The Acrobat played by me!!!