Piano Tutors

Sharon Harris

Sharon grew up learning the piano from the age of five, then also guitar, oboe and saxophone before taking a music degree at Southampton University. She had particular interests in composition and music recording. Her music career began in a London recording studio which produced music for television, films, music libraries and adverts.

Sharon then moved into instrumental teaching full time achieving the LRSM Teaching Diploma from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Early on Sharon taught piano, oboe and saxophone, but for many years now she has concentrated on just the piano which she has been teaching for over twenty three years to pupils of all ages, including adults, and pupils with special needs and disabilities.

Sharon’s lessons are friendly and fun, so that pupils feel at ease and able to take part in a variety of musical activities such as improvisation, and rhythm and listening games to suit individual pupil’s needs and learning styles. As well as being enjoyable, piano playing improves physical co-ordination, language and listening skills, and it can be incredibly therapeutic. Music is a skill that can last a lifetime and Sharon is overwhelmed to be able to share it with others.