School’s Brochure 2021-22

If you want music to make a difference in your school, take a look at how Surrey Music Hub can help or contact Surrey Arts to discuss anything that isn’t covered by those services.

“We are passionate about the impact that the arts have on young people’s lives and believe that creative engagement has a place in every school. We hope that we can work together with you to give your young people the highest quality music and arts education. All of our services are flexible and can be tailored to fit best within your setting. They are also Covid safe, and delivered online with Surrey County Council safety requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other requirements as we are always happy to meet with school leaders to discuss how best to meet your individual needs.”

Sarah Lee
Head of Surrey Arts

Surrey Arts can help your class start on the exciting journey of learning to play a musical instrument.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) is a scheme detailed in the National Plan for Music Education with the key objective of providing all children with the opportunity to learn an instrument at no additional cost to them.

We offers two different WCET schemes to Key Stage 1 and 2 students, to suit the differing needs of schools in our county. Both options encourage young people to continue to learn in individual or group lessons and nationally have high continuation rates. 

All of our services are flexible and can be tailored to fit best within your setting.  We follow all of the County Council’s health and safety requirements, and our services can be delivered online if necessary.

First Access

School led WCET

First Access is a WCET scheme in which Surrey Arts will support you in leading your own music classes using Surrey Arts Interactive’s Charanga resources. 

Choice of instruments: Recorder, Classroom percussion and Ukulele

Surrey Arts provides: Reduced Charanga licence fees, Access to reduced-cost instrument purchase and CPD for teachers

Tuning Up

Surrey Arts led WCET

Tuning Up is a one year programme led by experienced Surrey Arts music teachers who can visit your school in person or online if required, and teach your students over the course of the year.

This can be structured as either:
One class – three terms of learning (2 or 3 different instruments across the year)
Three classes – one term each (Same instrument)

FREE instrument hire included:

Key Stage 1: Recorder, Ukulele, Singing, African percussion, Classroom percussion

Key Stage 2 – All of the above, plus: Clarinet, Brass, Guitar, Violin, PBrass (plastic instruments)

Charanga Musical School

The Charanga licence gives access to ten week-by-week lessons to teach a KS1 class to play recorder, percussion or ukulele, supporting you to deliver WCET in your school.

It also offers a complete scheme of work for the primary music curriculum, as well as additional resources for assessment, teaching, SEND and topic work.

Singing in schools dramatically improves self-esteem, helps children to be more calm and focused and increases enjoyment and engagement in class. Join Surrey Arts in celebrating a return to group singing with our range of singing opportunities for children of all ages!

Primary Festivals

The Primary Music Festivals have been running in Surrey for over 25 years and offers KS2 classes the opportunity to join forces and sing to packed auditoriums in some of the county’s largest venues with a professional backing band.

Children get the opportunity to sing a variety of music from classic to popular songs. Children learn the music in school and then come together on the concert day for an exciting group rehearsal in the concert venue. 

We also offer CPD and visits from our experienced vocal team to support the learning of the songs. 

Performances &  Projects 

Surrey Arts has opportunities for secondary school choirs and young singing leaders to take part in events such as Primary Festivals and Singing Picnics as special guest choirs and young leaders. We also have special projects with partners like the Royal Opera House (Create and Sing), the Surrey County Choirs and specialist workshops which we invite school choirs and soloists to join. Performance opportunities to inspire and showcase your singers!

School Singing Support

We are adding even more to our online singing support package with the introduction of Ex Cathedra’s award winning Singing Playgrounds Online available at a discounted rate, along with “how-to” videos created by our singing teachers. We also provide packages of support visits and CPD to help schools to start and develop their choirs. We work with your school music leader to develop their song leading skills with the help of our County Choir conductors.

Singing Picnics

An opportunity for primary school children and teachers to come together with other schools to play singing games and enjoy a picnic lunch at parks and inspirational spaces across Surrey.These are a low-cost, low-pressure way for schools to take part in group music making with an emphasis on enjoyment, well being and community without the need to prepare for a formal performance. 

CPD (face-to-face and online) is available for teachers to make it easy to take the songs learned back for use in the classroom, the choir or the playground. 

Nothing beats real musical experiences to inspire music making in your school.

From hands on come & try sessions to individual demonstrations and ensemble performances, Surrey Arts can provide unique in-school opportunities to inspire young people to learn music.

Extra-curricular Groups

Surrey Arts teachers can come to your school to lead weekly group music making.

We can provide teachers for: Choir, Orchestra, African Drumming and Samba

Or perhaps try something new like Drumline:
An exciting drum ensemble that originated in America. It is a military style marching band, incorporating various percussion instruments. Weekly classes can be delivered in small groups and students will learn to read music, play all the instruments and learn how to be part of an ensemble.

Instrumental Tuition

Surrey Arts has been providing music lessons in schools and the wider community for over 50 years, enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and young people.

We provide individual or group lessons on the full range of orchestral and band instruments including: Strings, Brass, Piano, Woodwind, Voice, Percussion, Keyboard and Guitar.

Lessons can be arranged directly by the parents or you as a school may wish to purchase teacher time to allow you to choose which students participate, particularly if you are wanting to support students from low-income backgrounds, or with specific additional needs. We have the flexibility to offer online lessons into your school should it be required.

Instrument Hire

Instrument hire or our assisted instrument purchase scheme are available to all students having music lessons through Surrey Arts. Please see for more details.

Remittance Policy

There are generous discounts/concessions for those who qualify (e.g. Pupil Premium, FSM, Families receiving Universal Credit) both for instrumental lessons and instrument hire. More details available at


Our experienced teachers can deliver percussion workshops in a range of different genres such as samba, African djembes, Drumline and orchestral percussion, as appropriate to age. Students will gain an understanding of where the style of music comes from and get to play the instruments in a fun way. They will build on their rhythmic and ensemble skills.

A range of bespoke vocal workshops is on offer including music theatre, “Make A Mash Up”, part singing, performance skills, changing voices, vocal confidence, vocal health, playground songs, and choir tune-ups. These could be delivered directly to your students, or to teachers or both together.

Live Experiences

Surrey Arts can provide various options for live music experiences in your school.

From individual musicians performing in assemblies, to larger groups (brass, strings, jazz or mixed groups) who can share the joy of live music as well as educating your students on the range of experiences learning an instrument can provide.

Music Production

Music production classes are growing in popularity and give students who may have avoided music in the past the opportunity to create their own sound.

Surrey Arts can provide experienced tutors to deliver a range of bespoke music technology, music production or DJ workshops in which students learn DJ skills such as beat matching, blending, cutting and scratching to create a mix.
They can also complete their own creative compositions on professional technology and are free to study and compose in a range of styles from grime to dubstep or rock to hip-hop.

We can work with your school to offer: In-school class tuition, DJ class workshops, After school clubs, Online music production and Grades in music technology using the Rock School syllabus.

Surrey Arts offers a wide range of support for the training and development of school based staff.


We offer regular twilight training sessions in person and online as well as more in-depth CPD days and conferences to help you find ways to better educate your students.

We also facilitate networking sessions for teachers in primary, secondary and SEND settings which can offer in depth curriculum advice and support either through our own experienced practitioners or by signposting you to other organisations.

For our secondary education colleagues we offer a secondary music network which hosts annual exam moderation support.

Model Lessons & Workshops

Are you holding a themed day, or performing arts week?

Why not combine two needs in one go, and use a Surrey Arts teacher to work with your children on the theme of your choice, whilst the teachers watch and get new ideas for their music teaching?

From water, to the Romans, to St Lucia, music workshops can make a theme day come alive!

Bespoke Training for your School

Members of our primary team can run INSET sessions, model class music lessons – or anything else that could help support your teachers to deliver a broad, rich and deep curriculum.

We can meet with your Head Teacher or music leader to discuss how music can be developed at your school and what Surrey Arts has to offer, as well as provide practical help training the staff team with twilight sessions such as “Music for the terrified”!

Secondary support is available either from the Surrey Arts team, or by signposting you to local expertise to ensure you receive the most focused help to support you in your curriculum development.
For all keys stages, we can offer advice on preparing for an Ofsted Deep Dive and share the wisdom of those who have already gone through the process.

Online Resources

Enhance your school’s music curriculum with digital resources for classroom settings.

In order to give schools an informed choice about online tools to support the music curriculum, we have been able to pilot and support some leading digital resources.
Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these services.

Singing Playgrounds (KS2 – KS3)
The award-winning whole-school singing programme, made available online to Surrey schools in 2021.

Surrey Arts Interactive (KS1 – KS2)
Including Charanga Recorder World, Percussion World and other primary music curriculum resources.

Musical Futures: Just Play (KS2 – KS3)
Designed to provide a vibrant curriculum approach that engages students in whole class music making. A step-by-step resource supporting the development of musical knowledge and rhythmic awareness alongside instrumental skill development

MusicFirst (KS3 – KS5)
A comprehensive learning management system dedicated to music education. This combines learning management software with engaging curriculum content and powerful integrated software to help teachers monitor student progress, make lesson plans and create assignments.

Charanga VIP Studio (KS2 – KS3)
Supporting the teaching of contemporary music genres, a tool to encourage more young people to get into music.
The online recording studio also turns every ordinary PC/Mac into a music computer and can be used anywhere your students can get online.

Surrey Arts Online Learning (SAOL)
In 2020 Surrey Arts developed an online resources platform with School Activities, Learn-to-play Videos, Apps and Software and more. For more information please visit:
Visit Surrey Arts YouTube channel for a variety of music tutorials, introductions and performances.

What is Surrey Music Hub?

Music Hubs have been created across the UK as part of the government’s National Plan for Music Education.
Surrey Music Hub is a network of organisations and schools working together to bring more musical opportunities to young people across the county, in line with our core and extension aims.

Who makes up the Hub?

Led by Surrey Arts, Surrey Music Hub is a partnership between schools, Arts Partnership Surrey, the Academy of Contemporary Music, University of the Creative Arts and the Yehudi Menuhin School.

What are our aims?

Core Aims:
Provide whole class ensemble teaching
Provide opportunities to perform in ensembles
Ensure clear progression routes are accessible
Develop a singing strategy to ensure that pupils sing regularly and that choirs are available

Extension Aims:
Offer CPD to school staff
Provide instruments for loan
Provide access to inspirational, high quality musical experiences, working with professional musicians and venues

Music Hub in action

The Horley Project
Primary schools in Horley recognised the need to build instrumental tuition in their area and wanted to create an inclusive offer for all students that could also lead to ensemble opportunities.
Working with the local schools partnership, Surrey Arts and a local charity, we provided large group instrumental tuition on a range of instruments for the pupils who wanted to be involved.
As part of the project the pupils have formed a new Horley Orchestra hosted by their local secondary schools to give them further opportunities to learn and play in a larger ensemble.

Redhill Orchestra Day
Local schools recognised a desire to give their young musicians the opportunity to be part of a large scale event, playing in an ensemble that would be much bigger than they could achieve in their own schools.
At their local SMH network meeting they put together a plan, and, working with Surrey Arts, the Redhill Orchestra Day was born.
Now in its fifth year, groups of up to 120 children come together to perform as part of a giant ensemble, supported by school music leaders and Surrey Arts teachers. Repertoire has included choices from BBC 10 pieces as well as bespoke arrangements put together by the teachers.

What is Culture Box Surrey?

Culture Box Surrey is the Cultural Education Partnership (CEP) for the county of Surrey.

CEPs are a national initiative led by Arts Council England to promote cultural education for children and young people in local areas.

Culture Box Surrey offers support to schools that are passionate about equipping pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Support includes:
Case studies about inspiring projects that have been delivered in schools across Surrey and beyond
Collaborative school clusters working on joint programmes that create funding opportunities
Resources website, with links to arts organisations which have experience of working in Surrey schools
Help with Artsmark and Arts Award

Who makes up Culture Box?

Culture Box Surrey is facilitated by Surrey Arts and led by a steering group comprising Head Teachers, leaders of cultural provider organisations and Artswork.
We are working in partnership with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Delight, Stopgap Dance Company, Watts Gallery, Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and others.

Artsmark gives your school access to training that will enable you to develop a long term strategic plan for the development of cultural learning.

Arts Award
Arts Award offers a flexible framework designed to support children and young people to develop their skills and interests in the arts, building their knowledge as they gain a unique set of qualifications.

How can we help your school?

Culture Box Surrey wants to ensure that the voice of young people is heard. Contact us about opportunities to get involved in planning the future creative landscape of Surrey.

Surrey Arts has been supporting vulnerable groups such as Looked After Children, people who have been displaced, children and adults with disabilities and those with mental health problems for many years.

Working closely with education providers, youth services, foster carers, NHS, police and local charities, we are proud to be able to promote arts opportunities for these groups.

How can we help?

For individual students such as looked after children, care leavers, or those who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) or youth offending, we can provide access to: Music lessons, Music mentoring, Work placements, Shared apprenticeships and Training/CPD.

For group settings, such as Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and special schools we can provide: Music programmes and workshops and Training/CPD

For students with additional social or educational needs we believe that music can:

  • increase self confidence and the ability to process emotions
  • encourage integration and social cohesion
  • provide a safe and creative environment to have fun and meet new friends
  • reduce isolation and anxiety, improving mental health and emotional well being
  • improve numeracy and literacy learning skills

Where do we work?

Anywhere! We go where the students are, including online.

We currently work in a variety of settings outside mainstream schools. Workshops and training sessions have been taking place in Special Schools, PRUs (including medical PRUs), youth centres and mental health secure units.


Soundbeam is a technology that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movement and translates them into sounds.
We have just taken delivery of our own Soundbeam, and are looking to use this to support music making in appropriate settings.

If you would like to find out more about this please contact us; we’d love to be able to support you.

Surrey Arts Wardrobe offers a unique collection of costumes, vintage clothing and accessories for your school to hire for theatrical productions, events and performance exams. Have a look on our website for hints, tips and tutorials.

Workshops and educational support

Surrey Arts Wardrobe has designed a series of educational workshops that can be tailored to the needs of your curriculum. This includes options for sessions both in your own school, or for small groups, within our wardrobe space at Surrey Arts.

Drama Costume Workshops

Whole class drama workshops at your school for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 students.

We can:
Explain the role of costume within the film, television and theatre industries.
Look at different interpretations of the same play throughout different time periods, how costumes can ‘make’ a show. Bring in examples and displays to provide an engaging hands-on learning experience.

GCSE/A-Level/BTEC support

A week long intensive work experience program for small groups, achieving a Bronze Arts Award.

Taking students through how to costume a production from planning stages and mood boards, to creating believable characters including how accessories can be the key to successful costuming. Along with teaching useful skills such as basic repairs, laundry methods and budgeting.

Membership Scheme

We recognise the stresses that costuming large groups of students can present.
With this in mind we have constructed a membership scheme to ease these pressures and make life a little easier.

Our members gain the following benefits:

  • Discounted hire charges
  • No deposit fees
  • No minimum spend
  • Invoice payment option
  • A free ‘borrow week’ per show for fittings or rehearsals
  • Discounted rates for workshops and events

We also have sets of Trestle and Strangeface masks that can be used for physical theatre and characterisation workshops. These can be hired for half a term at a time. Please contact us for more details.

As well our extensive range of music services, Surrey Arts also proudly supports a number of visual arts projects around the county.

We can also help to connect you with local art practitioners who can visit your school and lead bespoke workshops or classes for your students in a variety of different artistic disciplines. Please contact us for more details. 


Surrey Artists Open Studios kicked off 2021 with the launch of a newly designed website and online store. Each year hundreds of artists from across the county open their studios to the public for two weeks in June. As well as an opportunity to meet artists and to discuss their work, many also offer workshops.  School groups are welcome to visit their local artists, subject to appointment.  

For more information about what to see and do in your area please visit: 

Surrey Hills Arts

Surrey Hills Arts, a programme of related projects that explore the richness of our landscape and heritage through the arts, is supported by Surrey Arts in partnership with Surrey Hills AONB.  

Projects include a series of permanent contemporary public art commissions called Inspiring Views.  Each project offers a variety of trails, walks, talks, workshops and other opportunities for young people, schools and families to take part.  

To find out more and how your school can benefit please visit:

As well as the wide variety of educational resources available to schools that you have seen outlined in this brochure, the work that Surrey Arts undertakes reaches far out into our community.

From ensembles and opportunities to join inclusive orchestras or choirs, to holiday workshops and creative events, we have a range of activities you can signpost your students to.


Joining a group or ensemble is a great way to develop your learning and perform with other musicians in front of audiences. There are over 50 Surrey Arts ensembles for beginners and experienced musicians, both young people and adults. These include area and county ensembles as well as accessible orchestras and choirs such as the award winning UP! Orchestra and Just So Singers.


We offer out of school workshops and creative experiences that your students can get involved in.
Workshops include: singing, guitar LIVE!, DJ and music production and arts and craft workshops.

Holiday Activities

During the school holidays we provide a range of music and art activities. Our annual Easter music courses have both residential and non-residential options in a range of orchestral, vocal and digital experiences. 2020 saw our biggest online summer programme ever with over 200 young people taking part.