Primary Music Curriculum Evaluation Tool

Working alongside our advisory group of primary music teachers we have put together a document to help you evaluate the music curriculum at your school.

This document aims to help you set development targets to improve music provision at your school.   It covers all the aims set out in the National Plan for Music Education 2022 as well as linking to aspirations from the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum and of course the National Curriculum for Music.  

The document descriptors are set at a high level, and should provide challenges for all schools, even those who already have very successful music teaching taking place in their setting. 

We hope that this tool will be invaluable in helping you define your own school music development plan (as stipulated in the National Plan for Music Education 2022).

How to use the Primary Curriculum Evaluation Tool

  • The Tool is a word document which you can edit.  We would suggest highlighting descriptors which match your school’s provision and find the best fit level for your school in each development area. 
  • We would strongly advise looking at your schools provision with a reflective partner.  This could be a member of SLT, a school governor, a music leader from another school, or a member Surrey Arts School’s team.  Please get in contact if you would like help in finding an external reflective partner.
  • When you have completed your own evaluation we would suggest sharing results with us at Surrey Arts so that we can compare outcomes for schools and help put in place support to help schools in their development goals.

We hope you find this document useful.  Please get in contact if you would like to discuss any aspect of the evaluation tool.  If you would like to offer feedback on the document please do so by completing the Primary Curriculum Evaluation Tool Feedback Form