Primary Schools Music Festival 2022 Resources

Resources for My Planet, Your Planet are no longer available on the Surrey Music Hub website, but we are hearing from many schools that would like to perform songs from the work again.

Surrey Arts was given a special license agreement for use of My Planet, Your Planet in the 2022 Surrey Primary Music Festival concert series which does not extend beyond the final performance date of 16 June 2022. We are delighted that this agreement allowed us to showcase My Planet, Your Planet and introduce so many schools to Teresa Jennings’ music. We are grateful to Teresa and her publisher, Plank Road Music, for arranging a large-scale license for our 2022 concert series.

If you are one of the many schools that would like to continue to perform songs from My Planet, Your Planet you can purchase a one-school copy of the music for a little less than £40 from Plank Road Music by visiting their website at This allows you to use the music as much as you’d like and also supports Teresa as a professional composer of music for schools.

Nancy Gillio-Terry
Project Lead, Surrey Primary Music Festivals