Whole Class Ensemble Teaching

First Access and Tuning Up in primary Schools

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) is a scheme detailed in the National Plan for Music Education with the key objective to provide ALL children with the opportunity to learn an instrument at no additional cost to them. Surrey Arts have extended both our First Access and Tuning Up provision.   

Learning an instrument in a classroom environment is, for many children, the first step on their musical journey. Playing alongside their friends brings a range of musical and social benefits and can have a  positive impact on their learning across the curriculum. 

Download the Whole Class Ensemble Teaching leaflet

First Access

First Access is a WCET scheme in which Surrey Arts will support you in leading your own music classes using Surrey Arts Interactive Charanga resources.  

Surrey Arts provides:

  • Reduced Charanga licence fees
  • Access to reduced cost instrument purchase
  • CPD for teachers

Resources are available for:

  • Recorder
  • Classroom percussion
  • Ukulele

The Surrey Arts Interactive Charanga licence gives access to ten week-by-week lessons to teach a class to play recorder, percussion or ukulele.  It also offers a complete scheme of work for the primary music curriculum, as well as additional resources for assessment, teaching, SEND and topic work.  

Tuning Up

Tuning Up is a one year programme in KS1 or KS2 led by experienced Surrey Arts music teachers who will visit your school and teach your students over the course of the year.

Please refer to the WCET Leaflet 2022/23 to see the instruments available and to choose which model would suit your school.

For further information about First Access and Tuning Up:

T: 01483 519303

E: jo.ninian@surreycc.gov.uk