Music and vocal workshops

The Architecture of Musical Literacy

Learn how to develop thinking skills through musical literacy, to ensure progression in musical literacy for every child. This will also include a short planning session at the end with Guildford Schools for a potential orchestra day in the summer term. 

For KS2 & KS3

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An Introduction to Surrey Arts Interactive – Musical School

Find out about our award winning resources available to you at Surrey Arts Interactive.

You will learn about Musical School’s week-by-week Scheme of Work – ideal for specialist, non-specialist and new class teachers – providing teaching plans, progression and stunning whiteboard resources for every lesson. See how the Units of Work, Topics and Instrumental Courses can support themed learning across your school.

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Primary Schools Festival Teacher’s Vocal Workshop

In this taster workshop for the Primary Schools Festivals, learn tips and tricks for coaching Jake and the Right Geniewith choral conductor and animateur, Cole Bendall. Be inspired by singing games and exercises new and familiar, as well as technical tips in coaching the voice and preparing for the tricky corners in Richard Allain’s exciting and engaging work. This is also an opportunity to pick up transferrable exercises and techniques that will support your choir’s continued development. This workshop is aimed at staff leading choirs and anyone taking some involvement in coaching Jake and the Right Genie this Spring.

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Preparing Your School For An OFSTED Music ‘Deep Dive’

This workshop will help you to get your school ready for an OFSTED deep dive in music.  Led by a local head teacher and primary music leader, the group will look at what a deep dive might mean for you school, before workshopping ideas with other teachers and school leaders on how to best adapt your curriculum and school musical activities to meet the needs of an inspection of this kind. 

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Surrey Music Hub: School’s Professional Development Day

A fantastic opportunity to renew and refresh your music teaching skills, our Summer Music Training Day offers workshops for primary and secondary music teachers. We’ve asked some of our some of most successful workshop leaders to come and deliver new sessions for us with all new content, with a large focus on digital resources and delivery. With six workshops to choose from, there will be content that is useful for all.   One ticket lets you attend up three workshops in the afternoon and twilight.

The programme will include practical music making and vocal sessions as well as curriculum development workshops. 


  • Choir leading skills
  • Teaching Musicianship Through Singing
  • Using music to build a broad and balanced school curriculum
  • Composition for the primary classroom
  • and more!

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First Access – Getting Started

The Surrey Arts’ First Access programme gives every child in Key Stage 1 the opportunity to learn an instrument during curriculum music time.  During this course teachers will learn how to teach a range of percussion instruments using the fun and interactive resources available to schools with Surrey Arts Interactive (Charanga).  The session will be very practical and you will quickly learn how to deliver fun instrumental lessons that will brighten up any class assembly or school concert.  Instruments are provided for schools participating for the first time.

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First Access Recorder – Terms 2 & 3 Course

This is a training session for teachers wishing to take their Recorder teaching further.  During this session we will look at a range of more advanced material as well as looking at how to incorporate composing into the scheme.  This will give you many ideas for your end of year showcase concert. 

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New Music Coordinators Workshop

New to being a music coordinator? Want practical ideas on how to take on this role at your school?  Or perhaps you have been in the role for a while, but would like more support and ideas.    Whether you are a musician or not taking on the challenge of leading music at a school can be a daunting task, but highly rewarding!  This workshop will give you practical ideas on how to be an effective music leader for your school, looking at curriculum, instrumental uptake, choirs and ensembles and just getting music happening in your school.

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Music for the development of the whole child and relationships in your setting

Aimed primarily and Early Years and Key Stage 1 teachers

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Gain a repertoire of tried and tested multicultural songs, games and rhymes that is rich in content and that children enjoy
  • Learn simple ideas and techniques that increase their confidence in their innate musicality including help with developing lively rhythm work and using instruments
  • Learn to provide opportunities for musical play and ideas for extending that play
  • Learn how to use this new material (and the songs they already know) to improve children’s’ relationships with each other
  • Use their music sessions to contribute to the wellbeing of parents, children and staff and the relationships between them

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