Music and vocal workshops

Secondary Music Moderation Meeting

  • Level: Beginner KS1 & 2 
  • Date: Tuesday 30th April 4.15 – 6.15pm 
  • Venue: G Live, London Road, GU1 2AA
  • Price: Free

Moderation meeting for secondary music teachers.   All boards will be covered.  GCSE and A Level.

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Boomwhackers & Bamboo Tamboo

  • Level: Beginner & Advanced KS1-3
  • Date: 7th May
  • Venue: Furzefield School, RH1 3PA
  • Price: £15

This engaging workshop combines two tubular percussion instruments that will allow your students to explore rhythms and cultures from around the world. Perform using boom whackers (hollow, plastic tubes that make a specific pitch when hit) to explore movement and melody. Explore the music of Trinidad & Tobago using bamboo sticks.  These sessions are based on whole-class music making and group composition.  Led by Ollie Tunmer, Beat Goes On 

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Vocal Health and Confidence for Teachers

An interactive session to help you stay vocally healthy, strong and inspired!

Janet Shell has been both a classroom teacher and a professional singer and leads workshops in vocal health and confidence to establish helpful patterns around your vocal use and shows how to balance voice use across speech and song. A highly experienced singing teacher, Janet shows how to use this knowledge in an immediately practical way. This session aims to enhance the work of both the teacher in the classroom and the singing workshop leader by understanding how one impacts upon the other.

The session covers the spoken voice and the singing voice and will cover topics including:

  • Find out what your current vocal habits are around speech
  • Discover our universal voice characteristics
  • Learn what is helpful for using our voice efficiently and understand what we tend to do that is unhelpful
  • A look at vocal cords in action
  • Enabling our physique for speaking and singing
  • Basic voice mechanics – what do we need to do in order to sing? (breathing, posture, resonance, tensions)
  • A run through a set of warm up exercises as we prepare to sing
  • Finding your voice!
  • Helping students find their voice
  • Boys’ voices vs girls’ voices

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Schools Professional Development Day

Tuesday 2 July 1.00 – 6.00pm

Woking Youth Arts Centre, Trinity Road, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2SY

A fantastic opportunity to renew and refresh your music teaching skills, our Summer Music Professional Development Day offers workshops for primary and secondary music teachers. We’ve asked some of our some of most successful workshop leaders to come and deliver sessions for us with all new content, including a focus on digital resources and delivery. There will be six workshops to choose from, and a selection of content that is useful for all. One ticket lets you attend up three workshops in the afternoon and twilight.

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