Teaching resources and research

ABRSM 100 pieces (Free classical music resources)

BBC 10 pieces (Free videos, lesson plans, arrangements etc)

http://soundsofintent.org/   Assessment resources for SEND and early years and more!

A short video from the mighty Marylebone School, which has always had a formidable reputation for its music and arts provision, explaining precisely why it is the arts are so crucial to them, to all young people, and why they keep creativity at the heart of their school at all times.

A lovely article about the dramatic INCREASE in SATS results (20%) for schools that recently worked with Opera North on their projects.  Both schools dedicated up to 3hrs per week to music curriculum time.  The Power of Music indeed!


www.ism.org for frameworks for Primary and Secondary
www.edmodo.com  Free system for uploading and sharing / commenting etc.
www.soundcloud.com  Free storage and sharing of audio