About music


Music provides the soundtrack of our lives. It is heard everyday on radio and Television, chart music to backing music, adverts to theme songs. Sometimes we are unaware of the subtle influence music has, other times it is the focal point of our being. Crossing all cultures and genres music communicates to us the sense of feeling and time.

Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits helping improve academic skills as well as social and physical skills, improving confidence and discipline. Below are some interesting links on the benefits of learning music:

Instrument guide

Choosing the right musical instrument to learn often has many factors and will depend on culture, inspiration, influences, music genre, the sound, the look and the feel of the instrument. Some musicians learn to play an instrument based on availability at the time, others are lured to a specific instrument and sound. Instruments cover many genres of music and some are more specific than others. Have a look at our instrument guide.

If you would like to know which instrument is right for you or your child, contact Surrey Arts and speak to a member of staff.