I Speak Music


Surrey Music Hub ‘I Speak Music’ programme

‘Music uniquely bonds young people whatever their ability, ethnicity or cultural background.’

Thanks to the Youth Music funded I Speak Music programme, Surrey Arts Music Hub (SMH) aims to celebrate and enrich cultural and musical diversity in Surrey.

The programme presents as 3 strands of work; each supporting and enhancing the other.

  1. I Speak Music Youth song writing sessions
  2. Training and development of professionals and volunteers engaging with the programme
  3. I Speak Music Community Orchestra.

I Speak Music Youth song writing programme (strand 1)

Celebrating Diversity in Surrey through music

We’ve just delivered a Youth Music programme aimed at increasing the confidence and musical skills of young people from a refugee background or newly arrived and vulnerable so that they feel able to join other groups and ensembles in the county and beyond. It was delivered by a diverse and talented team of professional music leaders. We held over 19 core sessions of music making and song writing between August and December 2018.
Over 50 young people in total took part at some point and a core group of 34 were involved in writing and recording a song. This song is called ‘Shining Star’ and reflects the themes of loss and hope that are so prevalent for the young people taking part. Feedback from young people and from professionals or carers has been extremely positive with many young people saying they felt they had grown in confidence and really enjoyed working with their friends and the ISM tutors.

I Speak Music CPD (strand 2)

Nurturing the skills, knowledge and confidence of professionals and volunteers

We organised two training and awareness raising events for the core project workforce team as well as a Countywide Networking event for tutors and project partners. The project team gathered regularly to reflect and plan before and after each session with young people. In January 2019 the team and young people got together again to celebrate with cake and listening to the recording of their song.

The I Speak Music Community Orchestra (strand 3)

Promoting empathy between refugee and host communities

We are delighted to announce that we now have funding from Arts Council England to continue and develop the Orchestra. We will be re-launching in April 2019 with some planned performances already at various events in 2019.https://www.artscouncil.org.uk

Promoting empathy between refugee and host communities

Click here to read about and listen to the ISMCO festival single ‘Whatever You Believe’https://www.bigleaffoundation.org.uk/ism-festive-single.html

Get Involved

Join the I Speak Music Orchestra or find out when they are performinghttps://surreymusichub.com/2019/04/03/the-i-speak-music-community-orchestra/

To find out more about the project and how to get involved email Project outreach officer, Mona Saad at mona4youthmusic@gmail.com

I Speak Music Autumn 2021 Flyer